Coronavirus Data-Driven Insights

RavenPack | March 25, 2020

Pulling together all our analytics, information and insights about the novel coronavirus in one place.

Coronavirus Data Insights

Welcome to our coronavirus resource page. Below you will find information on resources regarding the application of our real-time news analytics data to the spread of the coronavirus and its impact on financial markets.

This includes our:

  • Coronavirus News Monitor
  • Infographics on the coronavirus pandemic
  • Research & Analysis on Covid-19

All three of these resources showcase the application of our data to real-world scenarios in the context of Covid-19.

Coronavirus News Monitor

The monitor tracks information and analytics in real-time sourced from +19,000 media sources worldwide and measures the level of panic, social distancing, among other key topics in the news. If you have already seen our Coronavirus News Monitor but would like access to the underlying data or adapt the dashboard to your own use case contact us here

Coronavirus News Monitor

Infographics on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Recent Infographics have shown the following, amongst other things:

  • How strategies using our sentiment data would have been extremely profitable since the outbreak (contrasting with the sharp decline in the S&P 500)
  • How news about pollution has fallen in lockstep with rising virus cases
  • How a rise in the news about company directors selling their shares preceded the collapse of the indices in late February

Coronavirus Sentiment Strategy

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Research & Analysis on Covid-19

Our Data Science team is regularly producing research papers on the financial and economical impacts of Covid-19:

Coronavirus Alternative Data Webinar

Coronavirus For Investors - Using Alternative Data to Unveil R...
Yin Luo, Vice Chairman at Wolfe Research, and Peter Hafez, Chief Data Scientist at RavenPack discuss coronavirus impacts on financial markets and insigh... Read more.

Coronavirus Media Hype

Are There Signs Media Attention Around Coronavirus May be Ebbing?
After months of dominating the news, the share of the news that is about the coronavirus may be about to fall. Read more.

Race Coronavirus Vaccine

The Rise of the BioPharma Stock Market: A Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine
Biopharma has provided one of the few defensive sectors during the coronavirus rout and our news sentiment data can help investors make the most of it... Read more.

news data covid-19

What is the News Really Telling Us About the COVID-19 Pandemic?
What light, if any, can news analytics shed on the coronavirus epidemic? In this post, Peter Hafez, Chief Data Scientist at RavenPack, relates his findings... Read more.

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