Follow the news and narratives that can impact supply chains and distribution networks

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RavenPack Edge

From tactical opportunities to long-haul trends

From barley to castor oil, robusta coffee, steel or soybeans, leverage sentiment indicators on market-moving news.

Extensive Coverage

Track across languages and Sources

RavenPack delivers an exceptionally broad coverage of carefully curated news, social media, and data sources:

  • More than 100 commodities mapped and tracked
  • Over 40,000 sources monitored
  • 13 languages for global perspectives
  • Geopolitical coverage, weather events, and other disruption sources
  • Countries, companies, storage centers and distributors involved in each trade
  • Parent company and subsidiaries mapped to follow the news across border-lines and corporate relationships

Multilevel Sentiment Analysis

Highly-granular indicators built using proprietary machine learning deliver a quantitative analysis of sentiment for each entity involved in detected events, including credit and sustainability risk.

Make data-driven decisions based on a refined view of various aspects of news and stay ahead of commodities-related narratives.

Media attention and sentiment
Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs

Trends develop over weeks and months, but only a sophisticated analytical framework can detect them as they shape. With RavenPack Edge data, you can analyze co-mentions networks applied to commodities to identify emerging actors and market shifts.

Knowledge Graphs

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