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A complete view on global adverse media to enhance compliance and regulatory oversight

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RavenPack Edge delivers

Deeper insights on your Clients

Globalization mandates constant surveillance to comply with industry standards and regulatory frameworks. Companies must track suspicious activities across their organization, partners, customers, and third parties. Uncover unexpected events by searching millions of textual documents.

Extensive Coverage

Coverage at Scale

RavenPack delivers a scalable solution that

  • Augments your analytics with sentiment scores to monitor your third party and client portfolio for global risk exposures
  • Identifies regulations, policies, and publications from regulatory bodies to ensure your organization is staying on top of changing regulations
  • Reduces false positives by using our unique co-mentions technology
Coverage at Scale
Actionable Insights

Track Your Entire Network

RavenPack produces over 80 analytics, including entity-specific and event sentiments.

  • 6.7 Million Companies across all industries and sectors to identify critical suppliers and their connections
  • 4.5 Million individuals, leaders, and key executives
  • 60,000+ Products and Services — With unique insights on your partners' essential products
  • 7,000+ Event Categories — Including new market regulations, working conditions, factory disruptions, sustainability practices, and natural disasters
  • 13 Languages for local insights and early warnings
  • 40,000+ Premium and curated sources
Actionable Insights
Elevated Intelligence

Elevate Your Client Intelligence

Improve KYC, AML, and other compliance focus workflows by detecting threats with early warning signals with:

  • Template-driven NLP models enable transparency and auditability
  • Annotations create connections between datasets to track individuals and entities across thousand of reliable sources
  • Sentiment analysis separates negative and positive events enabling rapid identification of risks
Enhanced compliance

Benefits of RavenPack

RavenPack delivers more than actionable, valuable insights:

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