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Harness the power of news-driven frameworks for FX trading

Sentiment can be a valuable overlay to an existing Forex multi-factor model by providing a dynamic weighing mechanism over traditionally slower moving signals. Sentiment consistently adds values over time and works well with both long and short currency baskets.


Use Sentiment to Trade Intraday Emerging Market Currencies

Research shows that news sentiment is a relevant predictor of intraday FX moves in emerging markets. News analytics can help investors and market makers narrow the gap between the traditional systematic models and the catalyst-driven strategies of discretionary macro investors.


Sentiment is Paramount in Restructuring the Predictive Framework

Sentiment can be leveraged across multiple asset classes and frequencies — from a few minutes in market making, to hours/days in buy-side quant and discretionary applications.

Predictive Framework

Track narratives virality

With news sources spanning 13 languages translated and analyzed in real time, FX traders can monitor the volume and sentiment of macro narratives and monetary policy communication as they propagate through news media - this makes it possible to compare incoming economic data with macro narratives as they develop.

Macro Narratives
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RavenPack Research describes models and strategies that benefit from sentiment analysis for foreign exchange trading.

September 25, 2020

Forex, Carry, Value, and Momentum - Boosted by Sentiment?

The multi-trillion Dollar FX market was the focus of our latest study which sought to find out whether traditional factors such as Carry, Value and Momentum could be enhanced with news sentiment.

September 02, 2019

Forex Day Trading Strategy Gains Edge From RavenPack’s Sentiment Data

In this white paper, news sentiment data aggregated from online financial and economic news sources provides signals for a profitable Forex day trading strategy.

April 15, 2021

News Analytics Data Can Help Forewarn of Market Risks

Traditionally used by hedge funds to drive alpha-generating strategies, news analytics data also has applications for assessing financial market risks, as the deep dive into the research below shows.

May 13, 2019

How to Use Event Data for Global Macro and Mid-Term Equity Trading

Webinar: how to extract signals from RavenPack event data for mid-term equity trading. We also highlight practical use cases for Global Macro, Trade War and Brexit. Co-hosted by RavenPack and Wolfe Research. Watch the highlights and request the full video and slide deck below.

May 22, 2018

News in Macroeconomics Forecasting - Video and Slides

View an extract of this session held at the London Big Data and Machine Learning Revolution event in April 2018. You can also access the full video and slides.

May 30, 2019

Video: Enhancing Macroeconomic Nowcasters with Big Data

In this talk, Salman discusses an approach to harness big data and improve an existing nowcasting framework in order to better understand the risks and potentially enhancing the performance of investments decisions. Watch the highlights below, you can request access to slides and the full video.

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