Earnings Call Transcripts contain actionable insights. Capture them, at scale.

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Leverage transcript annotation and sentiment analysis

Analyst calls around earnings are scheduled quarterly for every publicly listed company, and similar conferences calls cover activities including mergers and acquisitions, or CEO changes. Each disclosure may reveal information that materially impacts company strategy or stock valuation, but reviewing transcripts is time-consuming.

Extensive Coverage

A scalable solution for busy earnings seasons

  • 17,000+ publicly-listed companies
  • 7 types of call transcripts covered
  • A complete archive of structured transcripts data since 2003 for reference, trend analysis, and backtesting
  • Compare transcripts sentiment across time to build innovative signals
Extensive Coverage
Semantic Tagging

A powerful detection framework

  • RavenPack’s industry-leading taxonomy of over 7,000 events categories detects relevant events and computes topical sentiment analysis that helps you identify and process material information.
  • Each transcript is analyzed to identify over 12 million entities, from companies, analysts and key executives to emotions and themes.

Semantic Tagging
Advanced Analytics

Advanced annotation for complex texts

Parent/subsidiaries intelligence lets you traverse companies' ecosystem while comentions signals enhance thematic searches (like “ESG”), and keyword search (like “profitability”).

Advanced Analytics
Multilevel Sentiment

Refined sentiment analysis

With proprietary machine learning algorithms, RavenPack delivers entity, event, sentence, and document-level sentiment analytics, including the evolution of document-level sentiment between transcripts.

Multilevel sentiment

Use Cases

Automate earnings call transcript analysis to capture time-sensitive opportunities.

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