Mental Fallout, Renewed Second Wave Fears, the June 11 Sell-Off Analyzed, Announcing our New Presidential Monitor

RavenPack COVID-19 Update | June 18, 2020

In this update, metrics from Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain, the mental health fallout from COVID-19, we announce the launch of our 2020 presidential monitor, spotlight on the recent sell-off.

Key Takeaways

  • The latest trending topics from our news monitor, including Mental Health and Second Wave
  • The Countries making record highs and lows in sentiment and media hype
  • Sign up to be the first to know when our new presidential news monitor goes live

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The Mental Fallout From COVID and Renewed Second Wave Fears

Rising concerns about the impact on mental health of the pandemic and second wave fears are the two standout topics in the press this week according to the news analytics monitor.

Weeks of confinement and social isolation as well as the constant fear of infection has led to concerns the COVID-19 pandemic may not only be physically harmful but also carry a mental cost.

Mental Fallout From COVID

The chart above shows how comentions of COVID and ‘mental health’ in the news have risen sharply from the June 6 low, forming two higher highs and higher lows in the process - an indication the trend may be reversing higher and the index could now start climbing. This suggests mental health could become a more important theme over the coming weeks.

Fears of a second wave have also rebounded as reflected in our chart below which shows the first spike on June 13 now twinned with a second spike of equal significance.

Renewed Second Wave Fears

On an individual country level, Coronavirus news sentiment in Switzerland reached a 3-month record intraday high this week helped by strong earnings announcements from Swiss dental, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Coronavirus news sentiment in Switzerland

News sentiment in Sweden conversely reached a 3-month record low this week after news the death toll had reached 5,000, which is much higher than its Scandinavian neighbors: Norway (243), Finland (326), and Denmark (598). The country has received some heavy criticism for its relaxed approach to COVID-19, which included very few mandatory lockdown measures.

Coronavirus news sentiment in Sweden

Media Hype in Spain fell temporarily below 50% on June 17 reflecting a fall in the total share of news talking about the coronavirus. This compares to the 87.61% peak achieved on March 27.

Media Hype in Spain

Launching The RavenPack 2020 Presidential Race Election Monitor

RavenPack is launching a presidential election monitor to provide in-depth news analytics for the 2020 race to the White House.

It is hoped the monitor will help forecast the winner of the election, as research shows news sentiment can provide a highly informative adjunct to more traditional forecasting methods like opinion polls.

The monitor includes news analytics analyzing historical voting, election news, and social media posts, presented in an attractive graphical display.

The election dashboard will also measure media volume at both a national and state level for each candidate - another key metric which can help in analyzing trends and forecasting outcomes.

Also included is a table of ‘Trending Topics’ with chart displays covering key topics and themes surrounding both presidential candidates and the elections in general.

News analytics insights generated using RavenPack data will also be overlaid with poll numbers from a wide variety of external sources to provide depth and breadth to the data.

To sign up and be notified of the release date of the Election Monitor, as well as to receive regular updates and insights thereafter, visit and click on “Get updates” at the top of the page.

The June 11th Sell-Off Has Been Put Down to "Second Wave" Fears. Our Data Scientists Investigate...

The S&P 500 plummeted by over 5.8% on June 11 leading to fears of a second slide of the magnitude of the February/March sell-off. In the end these proved unfounded, however, after the Federal Reserve stepped in with support on June 15.

What might have caused the sell-off, and what can RavenPack news analytics tell us about these drivers? Some say it was fears of a ‘second wave’ rattling investor confidence, other’s misplaced optimism about a recovery in 2021, in a new piece on our blog, our data scientists investigate, shedding light on the complex drivers behind the sell-off. To read the full article, click here .

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