Insider Transactions

A comprehensive and high-quality database of global insider transactions

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Leveraging Insider Transactions

Research shows that the behavior of corporate insiders provides consistent predictive power of the performance of a company

Corporate Coverage

Comprehensive corporate coverage

  • 50,000+ small, mid, and large caps
  • 20+ languages covered
  • 60+ sources of regulatory information
Corporate Coverage
Insider Tracking

Over 550,000 insiders tracked

across 50 different countries

Track top insiders with 100+ positions like CEOs, CFOs, and major shareholders by unique identifiers over time. Work with uniform data representation across time and regions and harmonization of insider roles.

Insider tracking
Sentiment Scoring

Track the sentiment of companies with insider dealings

Keep track of the average sentiment and ranking of all companies experiencing insider transactions.

Sentiment Scoring
Impact Analysis

Measure the significance of an insider transaction

Estimate the potential impact of an insider transaction based on the type of deal and the seniority or role of the insider in a company.

Impact analysis

Use Cases

Insider dealings data is relevant for quantitative and fundamental investors alike.

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