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Daily workforce insights from the fully indexed content of 200 million job postings.

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How can firms benefit from Job Analytics?

Job postings contain valuable information to measure business growth, innovation, financial health and strategic orientation. Sourced from LinkUp, the global leader in accurate job data sourced directly from companies, RavenPack Job Analytics enables you to draw more insights:

Targeted Knowledge Graphs

Purpose-built taxonomies to extract targeted insights

The most structured vantage point over job data tagged with rich metadata derived from powerful knowledge graphs:

  • 5,000+ positions mapped to industry standards for a systematic view of job titles — 5x more than ONET.
  • 3000+ job-related topics unique skills, benefits, qualifications, and other job requirements
  • Global coverage of companies, their units, and subsidiaries, and linkages to all available financial identifiers.
Knowledge Graph
Algo-Ready Data

Clean, structured, timely Data

Leverage Point-In-Time data structured and verified for systematic consumption, and presented using the same Reference Data Service found in other RavenPack datasets.

Algo Ready Data
Best of both worlds

The Outcome of a Powerful Partnership

RavenPack Job Analytics is the combination of job market from LinkUp, the global leader in accurate job data sourced directly from companies' websites, and RavenPack's award-winning semantic tagging infrastructure.

The two companies worked closely together to deliver a superior dataset that enables clients to ask questions about the job market using predefined codes.

Powerful Combination

Use Cases

More than 70% of the best performing quantitative hedge funds and asset managers use RavenPack News Analytics for alpha generation and risk management.

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