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With RavenPack Edge

Boost your Factor-based Models

Track events that can impact companies’ credit ratings, macro events that influence sovereign debt markets, and macroeconomic and geopolitical events impacting interest rates.

Factor Models

Enhance Style with Sentiment

Research shows that real-time news sentiment can significantly enhance the performance of traditional value, carry, momentum, and defensive style factors in the cross-section of developed market sovereign bonds.

Enhance style with sentiment
Macro Landscape

Complete Your Credit Data Landscape

RavenPack data enable you to access a broad variety of relevant signals from macro sentiment indicators to company-specific news:

  • Monitor companies for Credit rating changes and news that can affect the CDS market
  • Track news and macroeconomic factors that influence sovereign debt and spreads
  • Leverage analytics indicators derived from public and gated content like Company Sentiment, Credit Sentiment, Corporate Events, product data, or key executives
Macro landscape

Use Cases

With a global reach and over 40,000 curated sources, RavenPack captures unique insights that serve the needs of fixed income traders.

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