RavenPack for Cryptocurrencies

Stay ahead of news that impact crypto valuation.

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RavenPack Edge

From tactical opportunities to long-haul trends

RavenPack gives you an unparalleled vantage point across languages to systematically assess the impact of news and narratives that affect crypto assets across hours, days, and months.

Extensive Coverage

Track across languages and Sources

RavenPack delivers an exceptionally broad coverage of carefully curated news, social media, and data sources:

  • More than 1,600 cryptocurrencies mapped and tracked
  • Over 40,000 sources monitored
  • 13 languages for global perspectives
Sentiment & Media Attention

Leverage Media Attention and Sentiment Indicators

RavenPack delivers over 80 different indicators from media attention to targeted sentiment scores. These analytics enable traders to track not only the real-time sentiment for crypto tokens, but also their evolution and relationships within co-mention networks.

Media attention and sentiment

Track narratives virality

When unexpected news, from an influencer tweet to regulatory disclosures, impact the pricing and volatility of a crypto currency, RavenPack provides a full-picture timeline of propagation across media and knowledge networks that can help advanced research and regulatory work.

Crypto virality

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