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Forming a comprehensive view of a company’s sustainability profile is a genuine challenge. Sustainability data mostly comes in unstructured formats that are difficult to consume systematically, which makes the relevant sustainability signals often go unnoticed by practitioners. As investors are increasingly relying on data-driven processes to achieve scale and efficiency across ESG applications, addressing the data challenge is more than ever the foundational step of any long-standing ESG strategy. As a leading alternative data provider, RavenPack can help.


Coverage At Scale

The RavenPack data benefits from local and global newswire coverage, which gives investors the opportunity to identify companies involved in controversial events reported in local news outlets before the information reaches the mainstream media.

The news data can also be used to screen companies reported as exposed to specific business areas, like fossil fuel energies or controversial weapons.

RavenPack’s decades-long news archive and global coverage provides investors with the ability to derive insights from a unique source of sustainability signals.

Coverage at Scale

A Fitting Data Solution

Among alternative datasets, news data is an exceptionally rich source of information. News data can be consumed in real time and help investors identify new sources of risks as they emerge.

The RavenPack event classification covers numerous topics across companies and global macroeconomic entities, including business, economic, political, societal and environmental events.

The event classification has expanded to capture a range of granular sustainability themes and events, such as the creation of a net-zero emissions target or a reported increase in GHG emissions.

A Targeted Solution

Alpha-generative ESG

The inclusion in portfolios of companies with positive societal impact provides greater downside protection to investors, which makes more investment sense. In a recent case study, RavenPack tested the claim made by MSCI, a leading ESG-ratings provider, that higher-rated companies tended to outperform their lower-rated peers on a standalone basis. The results were qualitatively in agreement with the MSCI findings and support the hypothesis that ESG ratings positively contribute to performance.

Alpha Generative

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RavenPack’s ESG Controversy Scoring Framework is based on real-time detections of events across 40,000+ news sources in 13 different languages. It follows an event-based approach that can help assess the extent of a firm’s ESG controversy exposure through time by monitoring real-time news coverage.

Applying RavenPack Sentiment image chunk
April 29, 2023

ESG Controversy Top Movers | Weekly Report

Leveraging local and global newswire coverage, the RavenPack controversy framework allows investors to identify companies involved in controversial events. Each week we publish a selection of controversy identified on a different universe.

January 20, 2023

Trading Credit Events in Corporate Bond Markets

News related to credit ratings, analyst ratings, and price targets can significantly impact bond prices. We looked at the impact of credit-related announcements on corporate bond prices using sentiment-based trading strategies that analyze media content.

August 10, 2022

ESG Investing: The Price of Controversy

Sustainability factors can severely impact the financial performance of companies, and investors should account for ESG risks in their portfolio construction process. We analyze the relationship between ESG controversy events detected in RavenPack Edge, and share prices of listed equities.

June 22, 2022

ESG Controversy Case Study: BP the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill

Our news-based ESG Controversy Scoring Framework captured the different dimensions of the 2010 environmental scandal for BP, as well as other subsequent events, like an industrial fire at a BP refinery in 2012.

May 23, 2022

ESG Controversy Case Study: Activision Blizzard

Last summer, Activision Blizzard was accused of covering up allegations of workplace abuse, harassment, and discrimination, which led to employee walkouts and protests. Our ESG Controversy Scoring Framework detected it.

April 25, 2022

Introducing the RavenPack ESG Controversy Scoring Framework

RavenPack’s ESG Controversy Scoring framework is based on real-time detections of events across 40,000+ news sources in 13 different languages.

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