RavenPack recognized in the 2023 ESGFinTech100 List

October 31, 2023

ESGFinTech100 highlights the top 100 ESG tech innovators selected by experts who reviewed over 500 companies for their innovation and ESG impact.

RavenPack has been included in the 2023 ESGFinTech100 list, which spotlights the top 100 fintech companies helping financial institutions navigate the complex landscape of ESG. This recognition underscores RavenPack's commitment to delivering cutting-edge ESG solutions, exemplified by its targeted solution: the RavenPack ESG Controversy Scoring Framework. This solution provides real-time monitoring to gauge a firm's ESG controversy exposure over time, enhancing ESG evaluation and decision-making.

Investors can leverage the scores for quantitative and discretionary approaches, and these insights can also be consumed as daily factors. RavenPack also publishes the top 10 ESG controversy movers from the monitoring of ESG events across over 40,000 news and social sources on a weekly basis.

About the RavenPack ESG Controversy Scoring Framework

The RavenPack ESG Controversy Scoring framework leverages real-time event detection from over 40,000 news sources in 13 languages to assess the ESG controversy exposure of 7 Million public and private companies. What sets RavenPack apart is its detailed taxonomy, including 7,400 events, with 171 related to ESG controversies, offering a high level of specificity in measurement.

About the ESG Fintech 100 list

The ESGFinTech100 is an annual compilation by FinTech Global, a specialist in FinTech news, insights, and analysis. This list highlights the world's most innovative technology solutions that assist the financial sector in addressing climate risk, sustainability, social responsibility, and governance challenges.

A panel of industry experts and analysts reviewed profiles of over 500 ESG tech companies. To make it onto the list, the panel sought tech providers distinguished by their innovative use of technology to solve significant industry problems or their impact on ESG imperatives and sustainability enhancements for clients.

FinTech Global's director, Richard Sachar, commented:

Peter Hafez
Richard Sachar

Global's director


The ESGFinTech100 roster helps senior management to identify the ESG tech companies that are leading the pack.

"With the impending deadline of ESRS and many other ESG regulations currently in the works around the world, it is clear that ESG is not a passing phase. Pressures are only going to increase for financial institutions, and greenwashing will bring financial and reputational damage.

The ESGFinTech100 roster helps senior management to identify the ESG tech companies that are leading the pack. The detailed company profiles provide insights into how solutions work, the problems they solve, operational regions and much more. This is an essential guide for any firm committed to meet net zero targets.”

A full list of the ESGFinTech100 can be found at www.ESGFinTech100.com

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RavenPack’s ESG Controversy Scoring Framework is based on real-time detections of events across 40,000+ news sources in 13 different languages. It follows an event-based approach that can help assess the extent of a firm’s ESG controversy exposure through time by monitoring real-time news coverage.