RavenPack’s Chief Strategy Officer Explores the Implications of AI in Finance & beyond

January 8, 2024

Aakarsh Ramchandani went on the Pioneers podcast to discuss the intersection of alternative data, AI and decision-making.

Aakarsh Ramchandani, Chief Strategy Officer at RavenPack, joined the Pioneers podcast, a series that delves into the complex relationship between AI and humanity. In an insightful discussion, he talked about how alternative data and AI are reshaping investment analysis and decision making, as well as on the geopolitical implications of LLMs.

Here are some of the topics he covered:

AI and Human Judgment

While AI-driven analysis can revolutionize investment strategies by uncovering insights in lesser-known markets and companies, it’s the balance between human judgment and AI that will make the difference.

AI is not coming for finance, but AI is coming for cognitive decision-making.

The rise of LLMs and the geopolitical implications

Countries are now racing to develop their own LLMs, but what does this mean for global competition and technological sovereignty? Ramchandani believes it's no longer about training teams of engineers, but about training an LLM already versed in cutting-edge knowledge, which then self-learns and evolves.

I think every country is going to have an LLM.

The intersection of AI, alternative data and the evolving landscape in financial decision-making

After 2009, the landscape has shifted dramatically in terms of data accessibility and usage in investment processes. Powerful machine learning capabilities coupled with innovative alternative data sources like sentiment data are proving invaluable in investment decisions.

Anything that can be measured, I would consider it to be alternative data.

Listen to the full conversation here.

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