Jessica's Journey in Tech Leadership

March 13, 2024

Jessica Mitterherzog rose from Personal Assistant to Vice President at RavenPack. Leading a team that fuels the company's AI, she shares her story and advice for women in tech.

Jessica Mitterherzog, or Jessie as her friends call her, began her journey at RavenPack on May 10, 2004. Back then, the company was a small team of no more than 15 people, and Jessie started as a Personal Assistant. When RavenPack’s CEO and Founder, Armando Gonzalez, approached Jessie about joining the research projects, she accepted without hesitation.

"I've always been interested in media, communications, and news," Jessie explains. "I like to see the impact of words and communications on people and society overall."

Jessie thus became a Data Research Analyst. Over the years, she played a pivotal role in establishing the documentation and onboarding processes that enabled the team's efficient growth. "What I liked and still like a lot is that all our dreams and thoughts and ideas make it quickly into our products," she says. "We make our tech dreams come true."

Fast forward to 2021, when Jessica's was promoted to Vice President of Global Entity Management. Now, she is leading a team of 12 and she oversees Entity detection, a crucial function that maps words found in texts to companies, products, people, currencies, and more. This information fuels RavenPack's Natural Language Processing workflow, the engine that empowers organizations to unlock valuable insights from massive datasets.

"I lead a team with a strong female presence," Jessie says proudly. "That wasn't the initial goal, it just happened over the years. And I'm happy that we were able to create a diverse and inclusive environment."

Only if you are good with yourself, can you also be a good leader to your team and listen to the people. If you're good, then the team can as well grow, flow and glow.

Words of Wisdom for Women in Tech

We sat down with Jessica to hear about her experience as a woman in tech and to gain her insights for those who might follow in her footsteps.

"Trying to do everything perfectly all the time doesn't work," she advises. "Only if you are good with yourself, can you also be a good leader to your team and listen to the people. If you're good, then the team can as well grow, flow and glow."

Jessie also emphasizes the importance of letting go of perfectionism. "Don't try to be perfect," Jessie says. "Many times people say they're perfectionists and I was like that myself, always trying to make things 200%. Overcoming that, thanks in part to our Chief Product Officer, Kevin, has been a game-changer. I realized in the end it is holding you back. It’s good to fail from time to time, it makes you learn and grow."

Watch the full video interview with Jessica here:

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