Job Intelligence

Uncover more alpha from the complete analysis of 200 Million job postings.

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Why it works

Job postings contain valuable information on business growth, innovation, financial health and strategy. RavenPack leverages a powerful knowledge graph to analyze the entire body of job postings and help investors uncover sources of alpha in targeted insights.

Higher Frequency

Daily Data points

Track the dynamics of the job market by company, sector, industry, region, or country on a day-to-day basis, with position-level and skill-level granularity.

Identify hiring shifts for each company, and demand for various levels of qualifications before official figures are released.

Aggregate figures to nowcast labor figures and anticipate market moves.

Higher Frequency
Deep Insights

Unlock Targeted Insights

Job postings for every company, region, country, industry, or sector can be analyzed to deliver data-driven answer to questions like:

  • Which top benefits or perks shorten the hiring process?
  • What technical skills are most sought after?
  • Which personality traits are most desirable by employers?
  • Which companies or sectors are growing faster or signaling a hiring freeze?
Granular Insights
Targeted Research


RavenPack Job Intelligence is driven by scientific research that articulates how signals can be built from:

  • Hiring Growth trends
  • Job Qualifications trends
  • Soft skills similarity

with a continuous stream of new research and insights.

Targeted Research

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