Empirical Research Partners’ Take on Big Data: Media Sentiment - Useful Around the World

Empirical Research Partners and RavenPack | October 01, 2018

Peter Hafez, our Chief Data Scientist, highlights the key results and comments on the recent reports from Empirical Research Partners.

Across two reports, Empirical Research Partners test the efficacy of media sentiment applied to developed world markets with a special focus on fundamental investors. As part of their study, they considered eight different news sentiment data providers. Only two providers added meaningful value to their stock selection process, RavenPack being one of them.

Below, I summarize their key findings:

  • There is value in Big Data for investors
  • RavenPack data fares better
  • Media sentiment doesn’t just duplicate what is already known about stocks
  • Media sentiment provides more color to earnings expectations
  • Media sentiment is particularly helpful in timing entry into value stocks
  • Big Data can also aid in failure modeling
  • Empirical Research Partners were able to improve their internal (multi-factor) core models in the US and internationally

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