RavenPack Edge Data Delivery

Simple and powerful: on demand, or as a real-time feed.

Integrate Insights into your workflows

Choose how you would like to receive your data, on demand or as a real-time feed.

Dataset Builder
On demand

Ultimate Flexibility to tailor your queries

Users can create their own custom datasets using the RavenPack Dataset Builder, an interactive web user interface for writing queries, aggregating data into daily indicators, and automatically generating signals. The tool enables:

  • Targeted research and analysis
  • Easy access to data filters, functions, and conditions
  • A “no-code” software experience
Dataset Builder
API Integration

Seamless Integration with your Workflows

RavenPack Edge data is also available via a REST Application Programming Interface (API). Developers can easily request analytics data that is either “pushed” or “pulled” directly into their applications. This option is relevant for:

  • Feeding data directly into decision models, algorithms, or user apps
  • Requesting historical data or running custom queries
  • Integrating RavenPack data into visualization tools and other third-party services
API integration

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