Track the Battle between Better vs Worse Growth Outlooks

September 07, 2021

Numerous economists (e.g. at Goldman Sachs, BofA) have been cutting growth forecasts for this year amid worries about the delta variant and consumer spending.


Unfolding the growth outlooks of better vs. worse from last January of the US:

  • Covid concerns rising of the US growth worse narrative

  • Green vs red waves coinciding with reopening vs lockdowns and good vs bad vaccine news

  • US fiscal stimulus and vaccinations progress boost growth outlook

  • Delta variant fears emergeā€ under the most recent red increases

However, the underlying pace of growth expected for this and next years remains solid and several Fed officials (e.g. Rosenberg, Bullard) have expressed their confidence in the US economic recovery and the need for tapering.

Use RavenPack to systematically track the battle between the growth better vs growth worse narratives and understand how markets are pricing them.

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