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RavenPack Sponsors Lambda World 2019

RavenPack is proud to support the largest Functional Programming Language event in the country through its Gold Sponsorship at this year's Lambda World 2019.

RavenPack is proud to be Gold Sponsors at Lambda World, which will be held in Cádiz, Spain, 17th to 18th of October 2019. Lambda World is the largest event in Europe dedicated to Functional Programming Languages. Originally held in Seattle, USA, a European version is also a non-profit event supported by sponsors, which offers high-quality content for those passionate about functional programming.

The Spanish Lambda event follows the same structure as the American one: two days event which features workshops and talks from some of the brightest minds in the community presenting different topics related to Functional Programming Languages.

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Ocotber 17 - 18, 2019

Calle Plocia, s/n, 11006 Cádiz

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