RavenPack CEO to Participate at the FISD NYC Technology Forum 2019

RavenPack | June 20, 2019

RavenPack CEO, Armando Gonzalez, is delighted to participate on the "Analytics Begat Data Science which Begat AI/ML" Panel at this years' FISD Technology Forum NYC.

Extracting meaning and signals from data is not new but what has changed, and continues to change, is how we do that and what types of technology are best suited in 2019.

Data Science is the umbrella headline, but most recently the focus has been on the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its closely-related friend Machine Learning (ML). One major enabler has been the growth and improvement in underlying hardware and in infrastructure services. AI is also not a new concept, but now it seems to be much more tangible. It is, however, difficult to understand and that can lead to hyperbole and over-inflated expectations.

Our challenge is to manage our expectations and to see how best to grasp the opportunities that present themselves. A little learning can be a dangerous thing – but ignorance is not bliss. This panel will concentrate on explaining and positioning these new concepts – as they relate to market data.

Panel: Analytics Begat Data Science which Begat AI/ML

Moderator Feargal O'Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, USAM


  • Tim Baker, CFA, Global Head of Applied Innovation & Refintiv Labs, Refinitiv
  • Armando Gonzalez, President & CEO, RavenPack
  • Tony McManus, CIO Enterprise Data, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Norman Niemer, Chief Data Scientist, UBS Asset Management, QED
  • Salvatore Sferrazza, Solution Architect, Google

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June 20, 2019

Morgan Stanley Offices
New York City


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