RavenPack was featured as a leading industry speaker at The BigData Finance Conference, London, October 4-5

October 04, 2017

This is a must-attend event for quantitative analysts and researchers in industry and academia.

The main objective of BigDataFinance is to meet the increasing commercial demand for well-trained researchers with experience in both big data techniques and finance, by bridging the gap between research methodologies in both disciplines. The conference took place at the London School of Economics.

Peter Hafez, our Chief Data Scientist speaks on the topic of "Exploiting Alternative Data in the Investment Process".

Peter Hafez talking at The BigData Finance Conference in London

The emergence of big data in finance has shifted the alpha focus away from being faster to being smarter and more efficient than the competition. Access to alternative data sources is considered a key input to such a process. During his talk, Peter Hafez provided an overview of the changing investment landscape. He also covered some of his team's latest research in the space.

You can see the full conference agenda here, and download Peter's presentation here.

October 4-5, 2017

London School of Economics
Bankside House Auditorium

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