Earnings Intelligence

Earnings drive momentum on equity markets.  Uncover more alpha before, during, and after earnings announcements with a 360° insights solution.

RavenPack Earnings Intelligence combines signals from separate sources augmented with sentiment and thematic analytics for a powerful alternative that removes the limits of isolated vendor data.

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Earnings Intelligence delivers an unsurpassed vantage point over earnings through 4 key features:


Higher frequency

over 12 million entities and over 7,000 event categories


Multiple horizons

short-term and long-term signals adapt to your trading style



datasets driven by research



a single reference data service across all signals to  eliminate mapping errors

50,000 sources of combined insights
aligned with alpha-generating research

Earnings, news, and dividends events

from news, and earnings consensus figures

Earnings transcripts

and other analyst calls tagged and augmented with over 80 analytics

Sentiment-augmented earnings dates

or schedule changes and what they may indicate

Regulatory filings

for additional insights on US publicly listed companies

Built for
Quantitative trading

leverage short signals to trade equities in real time, and capture more alpha during the entire earnings period.

Discretionary trading

Augment your analysis with additional insights that inform your portfolio analysis.

Quantamental trading

Create factors and analyze indicators in Excel, Power BI or other portfolio visualization tools.

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