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Earnings Intelligence

Uncover more alpha before, during, and after earnings announcements with a 360° insights solution.

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Why it works

RavenPack Earnings Intelligence combines signals from separate sources augmented with sentiment and thematic analytics for a powerful alternative that captures more momentum during Earnings season:

Higher Frequency

More Data Points for more Insights

With over 12 million entities covered and over 7,000 event categories, RavenPack detects more insights before, during, after, and even between earnings season.

Higher Frequency
Multiple Horizons

Momentum for your Trading Style

RavenPack Earnings Intelligence helps you build signals for short and longer-term investment strategies, from immediate opportunities to monthly periodic portfolio rebalancing.

Multiple Horizons


Every component of RavenPack Earnings Intelligence is driven by scientific research that articulates how signals can be built from:

  • Earnings news and dividends events
  • Earnings Consensus Figures
  • Sentiment-augmented earnings dates and scheduled changes
  • Insider transactions data
Fundamental Trading

Ready to be Activated

All the data in RavenPack Earnings Intelligence leverages a single reference data service to eliminate mapping errors. Jupyter notebooks are even available to fast-track the testing of suggested trading models, and integration into proprietary signals.

Cohesive Data

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