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RavenPack analyzes entire job listings — from skills and qualifications to responsibilities and benefits. Explore it all today with a few lines of Python code.

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search = ""
start_date = "2023-01-01"
end_date   = ""

Which companies are hiring for ?

Top publicly listed companies hiring for based on jobs created

Top publicly listed companies hiring for by sector based on jobs created

Top privately held companies hiring for

Top privately held companies hiring for by sector

A simple ranking of the top hirers by frequency provides some insights. RavenPack covers over 60,000 public and private companies, and our extensive knowledge graph makes it simple to break the results down by sector too.

Which positions are these companies hiring for?

Top positions for

Here again, our library provides simple shortcuts to find out. RavenPack maintains a taxonomy of 5,000 positions — 5× larger than ONET — so we can differentiate these occupations.

Is there a trend?

We plot the number of active job posts containing over time with related keywords for comparison.

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Your report will include the top companies hiring for your chosen job requirement, the top positions where it is in demand, the evolution over time of the demand for it in 2023, and the Python code to further customize the queries over longer periods, and more specific scopes.

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