RavenPack at Transform 2023 conference, in Las Vegas

March 29, 2023

RavenPack representatives will be present at the event to talk about our newly released Job Analytics, an insightful and actionable dataset sourced by LinkUp directly from the websites of employers.

Transform Conference 2023

Transform sits at the intersection of technology and the people transforming the workplace. The event brings together people-driven executives, future of work entrepreneurs, and workforce tech investors for three days of progressive programming, curated connections and innovative technology.

RavenPack is excited to be part of Transform 2023- our representatives will be on the ground, talking to participants about the newly released Job Analytics dataset , powered by LinkUp.

Job Analytics leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology over entire job postings to provide actionable insights, from company to macro trends.

With data spanning back 15 years , it covers over 60,000 employers , with a world-first knowledge graph of 5,000 roles and more than 3,000 skills, qualifications and benefits .

Investors, analysts and HR pros can identify day-to-day changes in job market dynamics by sector, geography or company, like for instance find out whether Wall Street banks are looking for crypto specialists or which benefits are now trending .

When: March 27-29, 2023

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas

See full agenda here .

Make sure to book a 1-1 meeting with one of our RavenPack experts at the event and explore how our Job Data could empower your business.

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