RavenPack showcases its ESG Controversy Scoring Framework at ESG Investment Leader Europe Forum

September 15, 2022

Meet RavenPack at ESG Investment Leader Europe Forum London to learn how our newly-released ESG Controversy Framework can empower your fundamental and systematic traders.

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Addressing the data challenge has become a foundational step in any long-term ESG strategy, as investors increasingly rely on data-driven processes to achieve scalability and efficiency across ESG applications.

Earlier this year, RavenPack unveiled a new ESG Controversy Framework that delivers real-time indicators of controversies identified in media reports based on a purpose-built taxonomy. The controversy scores can easily be explored and filtered on business intelligence tools like Power BI, to help fundamental traders make more informed decisions. Join our speakers and representatives at ESG Investment Leader Europe Forum to explore sustainability themes and meet top professionals from the industry to advise on the development of the programme.

RavenPack’s ESG Controversy Scoring framework is based on real-time detections of events across 40,000+ news sources in 13 different languages. It follows an event-based approach that can help assess the extent of a firm’s ESG controversy exposure through time by monitoring real-time news coverage.

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When : 15th Sept 2022

Where : Hilton London Tower Bridge, UK

RavenPack Present

Ludovic Mathieu

Ludovic Mathieu - ESG Quantitative Researcher

Ludovic is a Quantitative Researcher at RavenPack focusing on ways of leveraging news data analytics for ESG applications and investment strategies. Before joining RavenPack in 2021, he worked at La Francaise Asset Management in London where he led the quantitative sustainability research effort and developed ESG and Carbon models.

Ludovic holds a master’s degree in Financial Risk Engineering from the University of Bordeaux and an Engineering degree from the Bordeaux INP engineering school.

About RavenPack

RavenPack is a leading big data analytics provider in financial services. The company’s products and extensive database allow financial professionals to analyze large amounts of unstructured content, and incorporate effects of public information in their models and workflows. RavenPack’s clients include the most successful hedge funds, Tier 1 and 2 banks, and asset management firms around the globe. Learn More