RavenPack CEO Shares the Latest Innovations in Language AI at the Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference

December 3, 2022

RavenPack CEO and Co-founder Armando Gonzales to speak to students from Princeton and other top universities about how the latest developments in Language AI are impacting financial markets.

The recent developments in natural language processing are on track to fundamentally change how we work: we're at the tipping point of disrupting how we extract deeper knowledge from data to make more informed decisions.

The context has never been more exciting: powerful computing, cheap storage, and vast amounts of data which, to a large extent (>80%) is unstructured.

Join Armando Gonzalez session during the Princeton Fintech & Quant Conference Webinar Series to explore how the latest developments in Language AI are disrupting financial markets.

RavenPack Presents

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Armando Gonzalez - Co-Founder & CEO

Topic: Disrupting Financial Markets with Language AI

What Is Disruptive Technology? It’s an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. Recent developments in Language AI are poised to become the next disruptive innovation in financial markets, resembling in their own times, those of the telegraph, the telephone, and the computer. Investors that fail to account for the effects of Language AI may find themselves losing out to organizations that have embraced this new disruptive technology.

When: 3rd December 2022

Where: Online Event: http://princetonquanttrading.org/