RavenPack EDGE: The New Frontier

September 22, 2021

To help you draw insights and make more informed decisions, RavenPack is launching Edge.


The COVID-19 virus has forced companies to reassess the way they approach and process risk. Investors and business executives now have a mandate to anticipate, navigate, and mitigate these emerging risks in their financial models or in their strategy. To help you draw insights and make more informed decisions, RavenPack is launching Edge. Join us for this 1-hour digital presentation of the most advanced multilingual natural language processing service on the planet!


RavenPack Edge: The New Frontier

10:00 - 10:10

In the post-pandemic world, businesses will need to embrace a new data paradigm to better identify emerging threats, detect actionable signals, and retain first-mover advantage. RavenPack CEO, Armando Gonzalez, explores what it means for companies, and how they can position for long-term success.

The Next Generation of NLP Solutions

10:10 - 10:20

RavenPack Edge empowers companies and investors with a slate of game-changing features. Kevin Crosbie, RavenPack’s Chief Product Officer, dives into the new content and analytics, and what makes Edge a generational leap forward in natural language processing.

Cutting Edge Technology

10:25 - 10:35

The outcome of over 5 years of technological development, Edge works at a different scale. To truly understand the magnitude of changes, Jason gives us a guided tour under the hood of the world’s most advanced text analytics infrastructure.

Redefining the Game in Finance

10:35 - 10:45

The considerable amount of data added in Edge also marks a leap forward for quantitative research. RavenPack, Chief Data Scientist, Peter Hafez, explains what can now be achieved, but also what additional alpha has already been uncovered by leveraging some of these new datasets.

RavenPack Presents:

Armando Gonzalez

Armando Gonzalez

CEO and Co-founder

Armando is a technology entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-founder of RavenPack, the leading provider of big data analytics for financial institutions. At RavenPack, he oversees all product design and engineering of the company’s data products and analytical tools. Armando is a recognized expert in applied big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. He is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable authorities on systematic data analysis in finance.

Jason Cornez

Jason Cornez

Chief Technology Officer

Jason joined RavenPack in 2003 and is responsible for the design and implementation of the RavenPack software platform. He is a hands-on technology leader, with a consistent record of delivering break-through products.

Kevin Crosbie

Kevin Crosbie

Chief Product Officer

Kevin is responsible for the team that maintains and enhances RavenPack's market-leading news analytics products. Kevin joined RavenPack in 2003 as a software developer and, prior to assuming responsibility for product, he was one of RavenPack´s senior developers and sales support engineers. As such, he has detailed knowledge of RavenPack's clients and technology and has been a major contributor to the evolving News Analytics industry.

Kevin Crobsy

Peter Hafez

Chief Data Scientist

Peter is the head of data science at RavenPack. Since joining RavenPack in 2008, he’s been a pioneer in the field of applied news analytics bringing alternative data insights to the world’s top banks and hedge funds. Peter has more than 15 years of experience in quantitative finance with companies such as Standard & Poor's, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Saxo Bank.