Wolfe Research shares latest investment insights on layoffs in Webinar with RavenPack

January 24, 2023

Hear from our Chief Strategy Officer, Aakarsh Ramchandani about leveraging workforce data to track layoffs.

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The slowing economy, rising inflation, and shrinking margins have made cost cutting a must to boost profits. Layoffs have been the cost-cutting method of choice recently.

Our Chief Strategy Officer will join Wolfe’s researchers together with other industry experts to illustrate how the company tone surrounding the layoff announcement as well as the size of the workforce reduction, impacts subsequent stock price performance.

RavenPack recently launched its Job Analytics dataset, powered by LinkUp , which can also provide additional insights to complement layoff news analytics with trends over 200 million job postings sourced directly from the websites of more than 60,000 employers globally.

When: Tuesday, January 24 at 11:00AM EST (8:00AM PST/4:00PM London)

Where: Register Here


  • QES Introduction and Product Series

  • Outlook on Unemployment, Wage Inflation, and Recession Risk

  • Understanding Layoff Events, Rumors, and Speculation

  • Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN)

  • How Layoff Announcements Affect Share Price

  • Creative Cost Cutting Measures Employed by Companies

  • The Effect of Company Tone Surrounding the Layoff Announcement and Size of the Workforce Reduction

  • Impact of Layoffs on Firm Valuation, Low-Skilled Workers, Knowledge Capital, and Minimum Wage Laws

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Aakarsh Ramchandani - Chief Strategy Officer

Aakarsh is in charge of corporate strategy overseeing new revenue generation initiatives and investments at RavenPack. Prior to joining the firm, he was Director of Product & Strategy at Third Point, a $15 billion Event-Driven Hedge Fund, where he co-founded and led their data science team. Aakarsh was previously Senior Product Manager at FactSet, responsible for re-architecting & launching a web-based analytics platform servicing over 100,000 enterprise clients.

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