The World of Alphas

Nitish Maini, General Manager, Virtual Research Center / Vice President, Portfolio Management, WorldQuant | October 08, 2018

View a clip of this session held at the RavenPack 2018 Symposium titled " Generation AI: The New Data-Driven Investor." You can also request access to the full video.


Nitish provides an overview of Worldquant's quantitative research process and how the use of AI, Machine Learning & data creates value in finance.

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What is Covered in this Presentation

  • WorldQuant Alpha Factory
  • Triple Axis Plan (TAP) of Diversification
  • Human & Machine: Compete or Complement?
  • Research
  • Portfolio Management and Risk Control
  • Execution

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Request access to the full video of the session "The World of Alphas" held at the RavenPack Research Symposium in New York City in September 2018. Slides are not available for compliance reason.

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