Video presentation of RavenPack self-service data and visualization platform

RavenPack | May 31, 2017

Full presentation of the RavenPack self-service data and visualization platform by our CEO, held at RavenPack launch event of our self-service data and visualization platform, London, May 4th

Armando highlights key innovations:

Decision-Making Evolved

  • We now have the ability to read, analyze and deliver structured analytics on hundred page documents such as filings and research reports as fast as on news story, in less than 200 ms.
  • RavenPack Analytics now can also detect market-moving events anywhere in these long documents, beyond the headline.
  • We can now detect the date / time that is revealed in the event, very useful to understand if a corporate will fire 5,000 employees immediately, or in the next 5 years, for example.
  • New premium sources have been added: Benzinga. The Fly, Alliance News, FactSet earnings estimates
  • Curated datasets to make it easier for fundamental / discretionary users that are not looking to exploit the entire database. We curate data for clients, .ie info on indices, or small portfolio of stocks are available. Or it is very easy to create your own.

Increased coverage

  • over 43,000 stocks
  • 161 global currencies, including cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin
  • all major publicly traded commodities
  • more than 3,000 government and non-governmental organizations
  • every economically relevant town, city, region and countries, plus nationalities
  • we now detect over 1,200 major products and connect them with the entities that manufacture / sell them
  • we now track over 7,000 people: key C -level staff at companies, politicians, major presidents and minister of major countries
  • and for a kick, we also now track sports team, such as every sports team on the NFL and Premier League

Self-Service Data

We are moving away from the full firehose approach and now offer the ability to clients to very easily select the data of their interest, .ie on their own portfolio of 100 companies, or merge & acquisition or earnings events only.

Within minutes you can have the exact data that you care about using the dataset builders for fundamental / discretionary users, or the Web API for more sophisticated users.


It models the same process than business intelligence companies have adopted, a simple canvas where you create dashboards that include widgets / modules that you can drag and drop to visualize aspects of the RavenPack data. Each widget can show you something unique.

  • treemaps, where your chosen entities (companies or people, countries...) show up as rectangle, its size depending on media coverage / attention and color depending on whether sentiment is positive or negative.
  • charts
  • feeds
  • etc...

It is powered by RavenPack curated content or your own datasets which you can easily build. Dashboards are designed to be easily shared within your organization.

Internal Content Analysis

We now go beyond analyzing public information, by helping our clients analyze their own proprietary content. We can now process on behalf of our customers

  • every email, including attachments
  • instant messages, from IB, Slack, Skype, Symphony or any other platform
  • text documents: investment notes, business contracts, filings, etc.
  • PDF documents

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