Watch: Focus on ESG Investing

April 06, 2021

We dive into how ESG investors are using news and sentiment data to generate alpha and mitigate risks.

How investors use structured data sources to track and measure the impact of ESG events in real-time

Against the backdrop of a wind-powered panorama, RavenPack Chief Data Scientist Peter Hafez discusses how investors are increasingly looking for structured data sources to track, monitor, and measure the impact of ESG events in real-time.

He shares his experiences of how portfolio managers can use ESG news data to adjust portfolio weightings and improve alpha; and how ESG risk along supply-chains can be tracked using news sentiment highlighting risks from the interplay and relationships between companies.

Enhance the performance of an ESG portfolio with news sentiment

RavenPack CEO, Armando Gonzalez, gives a concise overview of the various ways in which ESG investors are using RavenPack news sentiment to generate alpha and mitigate downside risks.

Armando explains how news sentiment can enhance the performance of an existing ESG portfolio, how ESG news headlines can be traded as an event-driven reversal signal over a 3-month horizon with excellent alpha potential, and how ESG sentiment can be used to nowcast company ESG performance in real-time.

Videos were recorded at the ESG Virtual Discovery Day Event by Battlefin & AWS 2021

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