RavenPack wins Alternative Data Vendor of the Year Award

February 21, 2022

The Risk Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious awards for firms and individuals involved in risk transfer markets and in risk management.

A few months after launching RavenPack Edge, the company’s next generation, multilingual data platform , RavenPack has won the prestigious accolade of Risk.Net’s Alternative Data Vendor of the Year award.

With new datasets that include filings and earnings call transcripts, and content in 13 languages, Edge tracks mentions of over 12 million entities, from public and private companies to products and services. The unmatched coverage, coupled with specific taxonomies on ESG and earnings, sets a new standard for alternative data that help companies better monitor their supply chain, know their clients, and manage their risks.

Judges for the award explained that “news sentiment analysis via NLP is a valuable way of spotting emerging risks” and that RavenPack had “great sentiment analytics” and “... broad scope and coverage as an NLP sentiment provider, and multilingual NLP giv[ing] them an edge”.

The use of alternate data to understand how events impact investment decisions is a leading-edge capability, and other award recipients, like JPMorgan, winner of the Best Derivatives House Award , pointed at their successful collaboration with RavenPack as a reason for their success: “[JPMorgan’s] equities business has also used natural language processing (NLP) – powered by machine learning – to create a new generation of thematic investing products. In partnership with data analytics firm RavenPack, JP Morgan’s Quest framework scours news data from more than 19,000 sources to quantify the thematic exposure of over 40,000 companies”.

Commenting on the award, Armando Gonzalez, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of RavenPack, explained: “We are honored to receive the Best Alternative Data Vendor of the Year award. RavenPack leads the way with the most sophisticated text analytics platform that turns news, transcripts, filings and any text in different languages into actionable indicators. Coupled with our world-class research, our offering empowers data-driven decision-makers at the most successful hedge funds and Fortune 500 companies to capture investment opportunities, mitigate risk and leverage market intelligence.”

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