RavenPack Symposium 2022 Video

Language AI: The Age of Disruption

December 2, 2022

In this keynote presentation, Armando Gonzalez, RavenPack´s CEO and Co-founder explains how new language models are poised to become the next big tech disruption.

Armando Gonzalez presenting his slides

This year's RavenPack Research Symposium brought two intense days of knowledge sharing in London and New York, from 25 top experts in natural language processing, quantitative investing and machine learning. Together, we explored how firms can leverage new language models to generate alpha, better manage risk and respond to calls for more sustainable investment practices.

In his keynote presentation, Language AI - The Age of Disruption , Armando Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO of RavenPack argued that the recent developments in natural language processing are on track to fundamentally change how we work:

  • We're at the tipping point of disrupting how we extract deeper knowledge from data to make more informed decisions

  • The context has never been more exciting: powerful computing, cheap storage, and vast amounts of data which, to a large extent (>80%) is unstructured.

  • Huge advancements in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing have made it possible to feed hyper focused training sets into machines, thus enabling them to help solve specific problems across the finance, business and public sectors.

Watch the full recording here .

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