10 Ways News Sentiment is Providing Value to Investors - Best of 2019

RavenPack | January 13, 2020

In the last year, both our own and independent research continues to make a strong case for RavenPack news sentiment data adding substantial value to investment decision-making.

News Sentiment for any Investment Style

The 10 studies summarized in this white paper evidence how sentiment data derived from news and events can be applied across the whole gamut of trading activities - from long to short sell, day to longer-term, discretionary to systematic.

They provide compelling evidence that strategies incorporating RavenPack news sentiment can generate gains well in excess of a risk-free return, sometimes considerably higher.

News Sentiment for all major Asset Classes

The research covers long and short term investing in diverse asset fields, including fixed income, equity, and FX, as well as environmental, social and governance investing, and applications to trading M&A.

Sounds promising, right? Check out what’s inside the white paper.

Table of Contents

  1. Uncovering Alpha in Green Hedges
  2. BTP/Bund Strategy Beats Buy and Hold
  3. Turnkey Tide Turn Value Picker
  4. Long Term Opportunities in Biotech-Pharma
  5. A Strategy that is ‘Top Draw’
  6. Scaling the Rand
  7. A Discretionary Approach to Sentiment
  8. RavenPack Targets Takeovers
  9. In ‘NICE’ For 6-months a Year
  10. Assessing Crowdedness Using News Sentiment

We’ve saved you the trouble of trawling through all the long white papers proving the science behind the results (although they are available via links), by summarising and curating a selection of the top 10 performing strategies of 2019. Request the White Paper today.

News Events and Sentiment Data

Easily implement the above research or similar using the RavenPack Analytics Platform, which includes news sentiment data on over 250,000 individual entities and 6,800+ market-moving events, available on visual dashboards or via web APIs. Request a trial here.

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