Video: “New Money” and the Future of the Data-Driven Economy

Panel Discussion | May 30, 2019

Panelists talked about the implications of living in a data-driven economy, dominated by those who have access to data and artificial intelligence, and how this paradigm shift will affect the future of business and finance. Watch the highlights below, you can request access to the full video.

The digital transformation of our society is unfolding at a rapid pace, creating a pervasive information asymmetry, which crosses many divides, including disparities between rich and poor, companies and governments, and humans vs machines. Data flows have transformed commerce and made data the most valuable asset in today’s economy. Those who control data are the “new money” in today’s society, having quickly acquired wealth and economic dominance through the use of technology and total information awareness. Whoever controls the data controls who and what interacts with it.

Moderator: Monica Woodley, Writer, Editor and Consultant


  • Ricardo Sueiras, Technical Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
  • Jason Cornez, Chief Technology Officer, RavenPack
  • Dr. Charles-Albert Lehalle, Senior Research Advisor, Capital Fund Management (Paris) and Imperial College London)

This session was held at the RavenPack Research Symposium held in London on May 23, 2019.

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