Navigate RavenPack ESG Controversy scores in PowerBI

September 1, 2022

RavenPack detects and scores 171 categories of ESG controversies so you could stay on top of negative news. PowerBI gives fundamental traders and portfolio managers a fast and flexible way to find insights.

The RavenPack ESG Controversy Framework leverages big-data and language AI to deliver 3 unique value propositions:

  • Detect controversies in real time across 40,000 news sources in 13 languages and present them as a well-defined hierarchy of scores.
  • Identify emerging topics as they break, and track their evolution on a timeline.
  • Interact transparently with the different levels of our event taxonomy to identify the source articles that influenced a score.

Discretionary investors must be able to access sustainability insights in a transparent and efficient way. The RavenPack ESG controversy dashboard on Microsoft PowerBI enables you to:

  • Navigate controversies: review identified negative news by pillars, sectors and more. RavenPack Controversy Scoring Framework in PowerBI-1 RavenPack Controversy Scoring Framework in PowerBI-2 PowerBI helps you navigate the ESG Controversy scores of your portfolio across the 5 pillars: Accidents, Environment, Governance, Legal Issues, and Social.

  • Detect and analyze changes: detect movers and emerging topics across your portfolio with complete flexibility on timelines and filters. RavenPack Controversy Scoring Framework in PowerBI-3 Visualize scores, and score components dynamically.

  • Understand scores: with complete component transparency, the RavenPack Controversy Scoring Framework indicates the news mentions and articles that contributed to controversy scores, so you can augment your analysis of investment threats and opportunities. RavenPack Controversy Scoring Framework in PowerBI-4 Select the universe and timeline that suit your needs.

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RavenPack’s ESG Controversy Scoring Framework is based on real-time detections of events across 40,000+ news sources in 13 different languages. It follows an event-based approach that can help assess the extent of a firm’s ESG controversy exposure through time by monitoring real-time news coverage.

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Introducing the RavenPack ESG Controversy Scoring Framework

RavenPack’s ESG Controversy Scoring framework is based on real-time detections of events across 40,000+ news sources in 13 different languages.