Maximizing Momentum Capture During Earnings in APAC

June 28, 2023

Erik Abbott from SCRIPTS Asia, and Peter Hafez from RavenPack explain how to approach earnings announcements in APAC for systematic trading strategies.

Erik Abbott and Peter Hafez interview hero image

APAC companies release their earnings differently, from distinct timelines and reporting methodologies to disclosure requirements or even the actual format. These differences make it harder for investors to trade earnings systematically.

Yet, there are data-driven ways to capture the momentum of the earnings in North-Asia. We asked Erik Abbott, CEO of SCRIPTS Asia , to give us a practical briefing:

Watch the interview with Erik Abbott

The combination of news and transcripts insights allows investors to capture alpha across several APAC markets. Peter Hafez, Chief Data Scientist at RavenPack , is explaining how his team successfully adapted the western playbook of earnings intelligence to the context of Asian markets.

Watch the interview with Peter Hafez

SCRIPTS Asia and RavenPack partner to bring you the most complete coverage of earnings and other conference call transcripts across the US, Europe, and APAC. With over 20,000 companies covered across FactSet and SCRIPTS Asia transcripts, 40,000 news and social sources, and a complete sentiment analysis of every company and event identified, RavenPack delivers a quants-ready feed for real-time, actionable analysis that helps you capture more momentum before, during, and after earnings releases.

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