RavenPack Products

Systematic analysis of traditional & social media for finance



  • RavenPack News Analytics
  • RavenPack Indicators


  • 100% machine-readable data
  • Proven earnings-enhancing applications
  • Backed by award-winning research


Powered by a proprietary text analysis platform, RavenPack derives structured data for use in business and financial applications from the unstructured text published by the most reliable and authoritative newswires, online newspapers, trade publications and blogs.

From the content, RavenPack detects key scheduled and unscheduled geopolitical, macro-economic and corporate events, the entities involved in those events, relevance, novelty and sentiment.

RavenPack's products include RavenPack News Analytics and RavenPack Indicators.

RavenPack's clients use the products to enhance alpha generation, protect themselves from event risk and to surveil for market abuse.

RavenPack publishes award-winning research on the practical applications of news analytics data and encourages academics and sell-side researchers to investigate the value of the data.