The Power of Alternative, Unstructured Data

Big data is getting bigger. As capital markets firms begin to come to grips with traditional big data, they increasingly are employing new analytics to mine alternative, unstructured data in search of an edge. Video Interview from TABB Group of Armando Gonzalez, RavenPack CEO

Why RavenPack?
Proven performance-enhancing applications across finance.
Abbreviate task of managing and benefiting from unstructured content.
Instantly detect and react to unscheduled events.
Early recognition of extreme sentiment accumulation.

How Can RavenPack Help You

RavenPack has proven applications across financial services firms, from quantitative trading to retail broking, from risk management to market surveillance.

Asset Management
Build or subscribe to factors that deliver orthogonal alpha across all asset classes.
Brokerage & Market Making
Detect and instantly react to unscheduled events that may impact your performance.
Risk & Compliance
Monitor accumulation of adverse sentiment, detect headline risk, or reduce false positives from market abuse alerts.
Provide unique aspects to quantitative and fundamental research; control for news and social media in academic research.
Software / Data Vendor
Build an innovator position by adding powerful Big Data analytics to your offering.
Attract attention to your content by adding unique analytics to your website or article.
FactSet has incorporated sentiment indicators from news sentiment analysis provider RavenPack into its workstation to meet demand from buy-side traders wanting an additional input to their investment decisions
Waters Technology, March 2015

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