NYAIR Virtual Event: Alternative Investment DataFest

RavenPack | May 28, 2020

Peter Hafez will be talking at NYAIR Virtual event representing RavenPack, discussing the limitations in a COVID-19 climate as an alternative data provider.

In our current COVID climate, we are facing severe limitations when it comes to sourcing traditional or fundamental data and government-sponsored economic data with significant lag time.

Instead, exploring high-frequency data and non-traditional sources of information could offer financial advisors, portfolio managers, and buy-side analysts alike, more reliable and relevant data.

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Chief data scientist Peter Hafez will be talking on a panel, representing RavenPack as an alternative data provider, and will be joined by other industry experts, including an advisor from the Financial Data Professional (FDP) Institute, and a global asset manager that has applied alternative data to their quantitative investment strategies.

Topics covered:

  • “Alternative investment data” defined
  • Where and how to source alternative data?
  • Separating signal from noise with additive datasets
  • What types of “high-frequency data” might be most useful?
  • What are legal risks associated with alternative or digital data?
  • How to select data providers; negotiate exclusive data contracts
  • Speakers


    Gene Getman, Client Portfolio Manager, Lombar Odier Investment Managers

    Peter Hafez, Chief Data Scientist, RavenPack

    Kathryn Wilkens, founder, Pearl Quest & adviser for the Financial Data Professional Institute


    Rick Roche, Managing Director, Little Harbor Advisors

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