Video: Why Investment Firms Choose RavenPack

June 12, 2017

Presenter: Kevin Crosbie, Chief Product Officer, RavenPack. Session recorded at the RavenPack European launch event of our self-service data and visualization platform, London, May 4th.

One of the key issues faced by financial firms face is the overwhelming amount of data available to make investment decisions. Kevin has the firm belief that RavenPack can help investment professionals make better decisions by getting machines to process all that big data available. Whether you look to analyze news stories, emails, chats or any kind of text document, RavenPack has developed a systematic solution to the problem of generating insights from unstructured content.

Our 100+ customers include some of the top financial and research institutions. Clients includes buy-side firms, such as investment banks or hedge funds, corporations, research institutes, as well as major universities. We experience a very high renewal rate, with our oldest customer, arguably the most successful quantitative hedge fund in the world, subscribing since we launched our first product over 9 years ago.

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