The Next Chapter in Big Data: Exploring Data Mosaics Podcast

Ravenpack | March 12, 2021

Hear from Marko Trninic from AB InBev and Marko Kangrga, RavenPack's Head of Quantitative Research, Americas, discuss how corporations today have access to more data than ever before.

Converting this data into meaningful insights is an ever-evolving task that requires creativity, up-to-date technology and access to talent. Marko will explore how companies transition from old-fashioned decision-making based on heuristics to a data-driven approach that synthesizes technology and big data. They will discuss how advanced players identify high-quality information to build out data mosaics that can inform decision-making relating to revenue growth, global risk and supply chain management.

Marko Trninic

Senior VP: BeerTech at Anheuser-Busch InBev

Marko is responsible for figuring out what big tech bets the company should make over the next five to ten years. He is focused on developing big data analytic capabilities to predict the future trends and better understand consumer preferences.

Marko Kangrga

Head of Quantitative Research, Americas, RavenPack

Marko is the Head of Quantitative Research for the Americas at RavenPack with over 10 years of experience in the finance industry. He focuses on exploring novel approaches and techniques for combining fundamental drivers with big data quantitative frameworks to identify alpha opportunities from a wide universe of securities across multiple asset classes.

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